Paramount Health Services & Insurance TPA Pvt. Ltd.
IRDA License No: 006
Validity : From 21-03-2020 To 20-03-2023

  Benefit Solutions For Individuals
        At Paramount we perform administrative services for over 350000 individuals and their families. We place
emphasis on performing quality work, validated through an independent Quality Assurance Department. We consistently exceed national quality standards.
Our success can be attributed to:
1.   Investment in Technology
        We have made technology a priority; own the latest software and hardware supported by an in-house programming
staff. This in-house control allows us to develop new programs and additional services customised to client needs as and when they arise.
        Since our client base includes large organizations, over the past years we have invested heavily in technology
projects. These include an automated customer service system, scanning and routing of claims, electronic receipt of claims, voice response systems and an interactive website that will enable our clients to perform functions on-line at their convenience.
2.   Investment in Personnel
        Our staff of over 500 employees provides our clients with unique services that others can only think of. We have
 over 50 doctors to provide expert medical reviews of claims, pre-authorization and case management. We have a highly qualified Statistical/Actuarial staff that can provide analysis of your existing claims or projections and comparisons of national trends.
        As a privileged member of our network,you will have access to a wide variety of health care
professionals,facilities,and  services.
Individuals benefit from:
1.  The ability to choose providers from an expansive network
2.  The ability to avoid higher out-of-pocket expenses
3.  The assurance of quality health care
4.  Prompt personal attention from benefit administrators.
5.  Protection against being billed for charges that exceed PHS negotiated levels
6.  Medical management services that help alleviate hassles and problems, saving both time and money
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