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        Welcome to the world of Paramount. This is where the essence of commitment, quality and integrity blend in to present
world-class services at your doorstep. Paramount Health is a Managed Care Service organisation providing innovative
services towards healthcare requirements. Set up in 1996, Paramount began by unfolding its Third Party Administration (TPA)
services at a time when the concept of TPA itself was in a nascent stage. This characteristic of venturing into services unthinkable till today, has been deeply ingrained in every fiber of Paramount Health.
        Today, Paramount has become an inspirational story followed by others in India and is accepted as one of the
best in the field. With our experience we have made a world of difference in many lives.
        Our array of health care services includes beneficiary enrollment, claim settlement, cashless hospitalisation benefit, call
center, medical underwritting, and overseas support. Having proved its competence in the world of medical insurance,
Paramount is now making inroads into various other healthcare services, such as medical tourism, medical recruitment, pre
insurance enrollment check & medical underwriting, corporate health portfolio management, BPO, and value added health
packages to name a few.
        The concept of TPA was in a nascent stage then with Paramount leading the way for other TPA's. Over the years,
Paramount has carved a niche for itself with its high quality services offered round the clock. Today, Paramount operates in
27 states and has over 800 people working to ensure outstanding service and support every day extending to over 3.7 million lives including over 2500 corporate clients.
PARAMOUNT was established on two core values.
        Credibility of a company ensures that clients are sure of the services they are expecting and the quality of service
augments customer delight, imparting much needed peace of mind.These core values are the foundation for building the
highest level of trust with our clients with an emphasis on human care and client interests.
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