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  Accreditation Standards
        Accreditation is the process of evaluating a healthcare organization's performance against predefined standards set by
healthcare professionals. By achieving accreditation, a healthcare organization makes a substantial commitment to comply
with those standards and strives continuously to improve its services. Simply put, healthcare accreditation improves the
safety and quality of health and related services provided to the public in an effort to improve their performance.
Healthcare organizations seek accreditation because
1.  It offers an objective evaluation of the organization's performance.
2.  Builds up confidence amongst its clients.
3.  Helps in recruiting top quality staff.
4.  Encourages the organization to make efforts in quality improvement.
        Paramount realizes the importance of having reliable information to enable one to make health related decisions
in critical situations. Thus we have evolved a yardstick for evaluation and certification of healthcare providers. This then
becomes a report card for the public in making decisions and at the same time stimulates the organization in giving
their best at all times.
        Even before starting the accreditation process, we had laid down certain norms, which the provider had to satisfy.
These being:
1.  The provider shall treat the beneficiaries in a courteous manner and good business practices.
2.  The provider will extend priority admission facilities to the beneficiaries.
3.  The provider will have his facility covered by proper indemnity policy including error, omission and professional
  indemnity and agrees to keep such policies in force during entire tenure of the agreement.
4.  Provider shall ensure the best medical treatment is extended to the beneficiary.
5.  Provider shall endeavor to have an officer in the administration department assigned for insurance/contractual patient
  and the officers will have to lease the various types of medical benefits offered by different insurance plans.
6.  The agreement is subject to the detailed schedule submitted by the provider, agreed by us.
7.  Provider shall allow are officials to visit the beneficiary and also check the indoor papers/treatment being given to the
  beneficiary. Access to billing and medical records will be permitted as and when necessary.
7.  Provider agrees to comply with the statutory requirement and follow the law of land. They also agree to comply with
  future requirement of insurer like standardized billing, ICD 10 coding, etc.
8.  Provider agrees to have medical audit/bills on periodical basis as and when necessary by the audit team.
9.  Provider agrees to display their status of preferred service provider of Paramount Healthcare at their
  reception/admission desk.
        The provider will instruct their consultants to keep the beneficiaries only for the required number of days of
treatment and conduct only required investigations and treatment for the ailment for which he is admitted.
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