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  Patient Safety Measures
        Patient safety is defined as freedom from accidental injury (of any kind) while receiving medical care.Medical errors
can occur anywhere, hospitals, clinics, pharmacies or even the patient's home. For example, a patient supposed to be on a
salt free diet may accidentally be given a routine diet. Or, patient may end up buying wrong medicines due to doctor's
illegible handwriting.
        In 1999, an American study came to the conclusion that more people die from medical errors than those from auto
accidents, breast cancer or AIDS. There are no standards by which patient safety can be measured.In India, awareness levels
for patient safety measures are dismally low. There is an urgent need to wake up to this aspect of healthcare that has
assumed Herculean proportions in the last few years. It is never too late!
Pointers towards improved patient safety measures:
1.  Make patient safety a awareness priority amongst healthcare personnel and patients.
2.  Create a healthcare culture of safety.
3.  Initiate routine safety assessments.
4.  Implement vigorously known safety practices.
5.  Incorporate patient safety into all healthcare professional training.
6.  Deal promptly with professional misconduct leading to medical errors.
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