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  Actuarial Services
        Actuaries analyze and then predict financial or other consequences of a possible event.They calculate insurance
premiums,cash values, dividends and statutory reserves. It is an approach to quantifying risk. We play a pivotal role in
controlling an organization’s cost of risk and ultimately realizing risk management and business objectives.
        We offer an elaborate range of actuarial services to design, implement and maintain risk-financing programs
Loss Probability Studies
  We provide forecasts about the intensity and frequency of future losses with an eye on the best and worst case scenarios.
Risk Retention Analysis
  We assess advantages and disadvantages of different levels of risk retentions with effective strategies.
Loss Reserve Analysis
  Reserves are affected by various factors, both internal and external. We use this knowledge to accurately measure reserve levels and achieve an appropriate level.
1.  Loss and loss adjustment expense reserve analyses
2.  Rate level studies
3.  Actuarial Statements of Opinion
4.  Dividend/refund analyses
5.  Financial projections
6.  State rate and rating plan filings
7.  Strategic planning
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