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  Portfolio Management Services
        Paramount lends a unique specialty service of Portfolio Management comprising of product designing, its development,
pricing, implementation and analysis of health insurance products.
        We customize health plans to manage clinical/financial risks, measure clinical performance with the focus being on
reducing costs and increasing viability through innovative solutions.
Health Portfolio Management Services include
1.  Analysis of product costing, profit/loss and its effectiveness
2.  Designing new benefit plans
3.  Analysis of health plans to identify the weak and strong performers and determine corrective measures
4.  Monitor provider performance to improve overall quality and efficiency
5.  Estimate the cost impact of mandated benefits and limitations.
6.  Manage core processing cost drivers for consequential financial improvements
        The emphasis of the service is on managing cost and quality of healthcare products. Whether you are looking for
healthcare trends, business insights, implementation strategies or economic impact, Paramount guides you through it all.
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