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  Wellness Program
        Improving production and boosting the bottomline are integral aspects of a successful business houses. Management
Gurus the world over have discussed this at length. Interestingly, what has consistently been left out from their mantra is a
vitally important issue, that of employee health.
        Overall health of the workforce has always been relegated to the backseat although it directly translates into improved
production and profits. One cannot ignore the fact that if sick leaves were to reduce, disability and medical costs get lowered, then tangible benefits will surface in terms of performance, proficiency and profits. The ripple effects of a fit and fighting staff vibrate far and wide. Employees appreciate their companies for looking after them, reducing employee turnover, which helps in retaining the most efficient employees.
        With this in mind, Paramount introduces Wellness & Lifestyle packages exclusively designed for healthy living.
For we believe that life in not merely existing, it is living to your maximum joyous potential.The Indian scriptures too, refer to the body as a temple worthy of worship for therein resides a part of God!
Basic Composition of the Wellness Program.
Health Checkup Questionnaire Physical Examination Routine Tests
Lifestyle Issues Diet Exercise Alcohol, Smoking
Management of chronic diseases Periodical assessment Long term support  
Men's Health Women's Health Gender related health awareness Seminars Periodic assessment
Emotional and Mental health Gender related health awareness Seminars Periodic assessment
Tangible Effects of the Program
Employee Empowerment :  through information via seminars, booklets
Disease prevention :  and detection through health risk assessment
Disease management :  through integrated interventions.
For further information mail us at contact.phs@paramounttpa.com
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