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Get blood in Emergency?


image example Your expertise. Our unique support. You have elected to concentrate on what you do best. But for Employers and Individuals who want the convenience of a complete managed care plans, your "best" may need extra support— an alliance with Paramount. Our goal is to help you meet and exceed the escalating expectations.
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image example At PHS, we create solutions that make living better for employers which in turn reflect positively on the employer’s reputation and prestige.
In today's business climate, employee health plans have become more than just a benefits issue for the Human Resources departments to manage. Benefits have become a significant business issue for executives too.
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image example As a healthcare provider, you are counted amongst the best. Your medical services are renowned far and wide.However, when it comes to insurance-related processes, you could definitely do with some expert help. What with claim processes and administrative legalities, patients end up distraught and unsatisfied.
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image example At Paramount we perform administrative services for over 350000 individuals and their families. We place emphasis on performing quality work, validated through an independent Quality Assurance Department. We consistently exceed national quality standards.
Our success can be attributed to:
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 I would hereby put on record, that we are extremely satisfied with the services received by us from team PHS for the year 2008-09, mainly in regard to processing, settlement of our claims of cashless cards which were done within the SLAs agreed. The weekly help desk service was also available to us on a regular basis. There were hardly any escalations during the policy year.We wish that the same service is continued for the policy year 2009-10. 
Lancelot Crasto
Manager - Corporate Insurance
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