1. Reimbursement claims can be submitted to Paramount Health Services & Insurance TPA Pvt. Ltd. (PHS) through courier, post or in-person at any of our branches.
  2. Claim Intimation needs to be given 24-48 hours prior for Planned Hospitalization & within 24 hours in case of Emergency Hospitalization.
  3. Claim form can be collected from the nearest Divisional / Branch Office of the Insurance Company / Paramount office. Claim forms can be downloaded here. Issuance of claim form does not amount to admission of any liability, under the policy on the part of the insurers.
  4. Claim Documents should be sent to Paramount Health Services & Insurance TPA Pvt. Ltd. within 7 days from the Date of Discharge.
  5. Documents that you need to submit for a hospitalization reimbursement claim should be as per the checklist (Checklist)
  6. On receipt of claim at PHS,your Claim will be scrutinized as per terms and conditions of your health insurance policy. Please note that Non-medical expenses will not be payable.(Non payable list)
  7. On scrutiny of your Claim if there are any further requirements for ascertaining the Admissibility, we may request for additional information. This additional information is to be submitted within the stipulated time period.
  8. On receipt of complete Documents, an appropriate claim decision will be recommended to your respective Insurance Company.
  9. On approval of admissible claim, Insurance company will directly credit your/Employer bank account with the net payable amount through NEFT.
  10. Upon Rejection of claim, Repudiation Letter quoting the reason for rejection will be sent to you by the Insurance Company.
  11. Insured Patient is mandatorily required to disclose health insurance policy details to the hospital irrespective of its network or non-network status and accordingly get the "Policy Declaration Form" duly signed and stamped by the hospital authorities to avail maximum discount and negotiated rate from the treating network hospital. This form is available on our website under the section "Network Hospital" as well as under the section " Reimbursement Claim form" of your insurance company. This should be submitted along with the other claim documents.

Kindly note : If a reimbursement case is reported from a network hospital, it will be settled as per the agreed charges between Insurance Company /TPA and Hospital including discount. Any monies paid over and above the package or agreed rates either to the hospital or the doctor will not be reimbursed.