Cashless Everywhere – Avail cashless even at non-network hospitals !

Starting now, policyholders can avail the convenience of cashless treatment not only at Paramount network hospitals but also at non-network hospitals. This move is aimed at providing customers with greater flexibility and ensuring that your healthcare choices are not limited by network restrictions.

Key Highlights

  • Freedom of Choice : You now have the freedom to choose any hospital for your treatment, regardless of whether it is part of our network or not.
  • Streamlined Process : The process is simple! Just follow the guidelines on our website to ensure your chosen hospital is not blacklisted or delisted. Once confirmed, present your PHS ID card and KYC documents to the hospital and request cashless consideration.
  • Efficient Coordination : Our dedicated team will work closely with non-network hospitals to facilitate the cashless process seamlessly.

A Step-by-Step Guide

At PHS, we understand that choosing the right hospital for your treatment is crucial. To ensure a smooth cashless process at non-network hospitals, please follow these steps :

  • Hospital Selection : Choose a hospital for your treatment, ensuring it is not blacklisted or delisted by your insurance company. The list of excluded hospitals is available on our website, or you can seek assistance from our PHS Call Center. You can also check the list of blacklisted hospitals on the insurance company’s website.
  • Request for cashless : You can reach out to the chosen hospital with your PHS ID card and request cashless consideration for your treatment.
  • Cashless Request Form : If the hospital concurs to provide cashless facility, they will provide you with the cashless request form. Please fill in the relevant details and submit it back to them. They will then sign and stamp it and send it to our Cashless counter along with KYC details, PHS ID and other mandatory documents.
  • Submission Process : The hospital will send the cashless request to
  • Planned Hospitalization Intimation : Planned hospitalization intimation has to be sent to at least 48 hours before planned hospitalization. For emergency claims, it has to be intimated within 24 hours of hospitalization.
  • Network Onboarding Process : Upon receiving the preauthorization request from the non-network hospital, our networking department will -
    • Guide the hospital through the network onboarding process. PHS will coordinate with the hospital authorities to obtain basic information and sign the "Letter of Consent/Provisional MOU."
    • Negotiate the rate list based on customary and reasonable charges for the location and level of care.
  • Temporary Empanelment : Our networking team will –
    • Create a temporary empanelment or provisional ID for the hospital for that particular claim, on the insurance company’s portal as well as ours.
    • Generate a CCN (Claim Control Number) and process the claim according to regular guidelines.

Provisional Empanelment Criteria for hospitals

  • The hospital should have a valid ROHINI ID.
  • The hospital should not be blacklisted or on any insurer or TPA watch list.
  • The hospital's registration should be verified with local authorities under Clinical Establishments (Registration and Regulation) Act 2010 or specified enactments.
  • The hospital should give consent for provisional empanelment.
  • The hospital should agree on customary and reasonable rates for the location and level of care.

Important Notes

  • Cashless intimation for planned hospitalization should be received by TPA at least 48 hours in advance.
  • In case of emergency, intimation should be received within 24 hours after admission.

Thank you for choosing PHS for your healthcare needs. We are committed to providing you with the best service and care.